A bottle of wine sits open on the table next to the pack of smokes that singer, Leela Navarro, has just extracted a cigarette from. Stephen Charouhas sits on a folding chair strumming away at the acoustic guitar. Through laughter, songs about love mishaps, and personal empowerment brought forth by their playful banter; these two have turned their jam sessions into quite the musical collaboration.

Formed in 2011, these two have created their group, L & S. This Los Angeles based alternative rock duo is breaking through the usual elctro-induced popular music of today and bringing our ears back to the raw sounds of the guitar accompanied by sardonic, yet playful lyrics we can all relate to. They’re currently working on their EP, “Stages” and have released their first track, “See You Comin’”. Come April, they will be playing shows around the L.A. area and are ready to give you a dose of what these compatible musical talents will inject into your veins. So get ready, and prepare yourself for a damn good time!